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We are concrete shuttering plywood manufacturer in Kolkata. Globe Concrete Shuttering Plywood is manufactured from veneers of well selected and strong hardwoods. It is bonded with high quality Phenol Formaldehyde synthetic resin of BWP Grade manufactured at our resin plant, pressed with thermal setting hot press and treated with special quality preservatives. This unique process makes it ideally suitable for use in concrete shuttering and frame work by Architects, Civil Contractors and other Quality and coast Conscious Professionals. Globe Concrete Shuttering is having strong load bearing capacity which prevents swelling during shuttering works. It conforms to IS 4990:1993. Globe Shuttering Plywood offers high re-usable value under careful and proper handling. Specific Gravity: 0.68 GMS/CC missible Spans : To access and calculate the maximum permissible span without causing undue deflection. The following data is recommended per sq.Mtr. i.e 1:270 viz.(1/270 of the span between the bearers if wet boards are used, the maximum load must be reduced to 75%) Center Distance of bearers Face grain parallel to bearers (max. Load kg/m2) Face grain perpendicular to bearers (max. Load kg/m2) 9 mm 9 mm 12 mm 9 mm 12 mm 300 mm 760 1220 1270 1950 400 mm 320 540 540 850 500 mm 195 390 320 640 600 mm 110 170 170 360 Strength properties of Globe Concrete Shuttering Plywood. Modulus of Rupture (N/mm2/cm2) : 45 N/mm2 to 50 N/mm2 Thickness 9 mm 12 mm Modulus of Elasticity Parallel to face grain 7800 8000 Parallel to face grain 4,500 5,000 Parallel to face grain (Tensile Strength (kg. /cm2) 4,250 4,000 Perpendicular to face grain (Tensile Strength (kg. /cm2) 3250 3500 Density : 800 kg/m3 Tensile Strength : 6,000 N/mm2 Standard Thickness : 9 mm and 12 mm. Specific thickness may be provided against specific order. Bending Radii : 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm Across the grain of outer ply : 90 cm, 165 cm,255 cm Parallel to the grain of outer ply : 125 cm, 215 cm, 330 cm Standard Sizes : 244 cm x 122 cm, 244 cm x 92 cm 214 cm x 122 cm, 214 cm x 92 cm 184 cm x 122 cm, 184 cm x 92 cm

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